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How PeopleStrong Onboarding Helps To Retain New Hires

Imagine you’re going into a new shop. What do you see? Sure, you look at the brand. You look at the display on the shop windows. Now, imagine the first time you walk into that shop. What do you see? What do you feel? You look at the lighting, the sequential placement of items, the ergonomics in the arrangement and the first hello that the serviceman says to you. If it’s good, you’re that much further into the shopping cycle than before and that much more involved. As the proverbial saying goes, hook, line and sinker. That first hello,...


Sometimes, a promotion isn’t all that great

SINGAPORE: As a headhunter, I got a call out of the blue one day from a dream candidate. Lisa* told me she was looking for a more junior role compared to her current job. It’s a rare call – the first request I’d received since becoming a headhunter in 2012 from someone looking for a “demotion”. Six months ago, Lisa took up a promotion and became a Regional Human Resources Director. But she spent so much time outside of the country, it was starting to deprive her of precious family moments with her young kids. Over the phone, she...


PeopleStrong expands in Asia

  with Wong Su-Yen unveiled as our first APAC Board Director Over 16th July 2019, PeopleStrong announces further expansion plan in Asia. To celebrate the moment, we invited a close group of HR leaders and partners to witness the launch. Our CEO Pankaj Bansal and Chief Sales Officer Kiran Kumar joined the event with the Singapore team. Held in the newest WeWork at the reopened Funan Mall, guests also get to meet our newest and first APAC Board Director Wong Su-Yen. Su-Yen is the former CEO at Human Capital Leadership Institute and former MD at Mercer. This is in addition to her board involvement with Nera Telecommunications, Yoma Strategic Holdings, MediaCorp, NTUC First...


PeopleStrong sets ambitions high in Asia-Pacific expansion

Fresh from opening its new Asia-Pacific regional office in Singapore, India-based PeopleStrong has ambitions throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Pankaj Bansal, co-founder and CEO of PeopleStrong (pictured), says he has big ambitions for the fast-growing India-based organisation and its HR software platform, as part of its expansion to the Asia-Pacific region earlier this year. A new regional office was opened in Singapore in February. PeopleStrong bills itself as a comprehensive software-as-a-solution service specifically for the HR function and its growing list of data-enhanced tasks. These include recruitment process outsourcing, talent acquisition, applicant tracking, and leave and attendance modules. Importantly, the platform is...


PeopleStrong establishes regional office in Singapore

PeopleStrong has established its regional office in Singapore, with the aim of covering all the major countries of Asia-Pacific. In its bid to cover all the major countries of the Asia-Pacific, PeopleStrong has established its regional office in Singapore.  “We are excited about entering into the market,” said Shelly Singh, co-founder and Chief Business Officer of PeopleStrong. “Our many firsts with large enterprise customers and a user-focused approach have been the hallmark of PeopleStrong’s growth, and we look forward to powering the enterprises in Asia Pacific as they redefine the digital experiences at work.” As part of the regional office launch, the HR technology firm also...

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